What if we take all of the useless time, effort and energy that we waste in feeling rubbish about our bodies, compress it to stone, catapult it past Jupiter and start a whole new planet where free access to feeling neutral about our bodies is just the actual law. I feel it might be nicer, and just for now, don’t worry about things like your preconceptions of health and image and mobility/ability. Just imagine… no boundaries, no questions, you’re allowed to stop judging and coming up <<short>> **Insert your own personal hang up for comedy purposes** And we could do that, be like that… for the rest of our lives!

I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking you can’t turn insecurity into a planet. Alright smarty pants, what if we build it here!

When I was in the depths of chemo for the cancer, my body was wrecked. It wasn’t fair, body had no fight left. I realised I needed to look after it. To stop behaving like such a…

I realised that I had been hurting it. Not with the cancer, I mean by not being on its side. By fighting it not respecting it.

For only two weeks, I looked death in the eye and it looked right back going “yeah, I know, idiot! You actually need your body.”

Did you know at any one time there are a trillion cells in your body working to bring you the best health possible. A trillion. That’s a thousand times more than stars in the galaxy, approximately. They reflect the many thousands of ways your body works night and day to keep you alive, to allow you to follow your passions, develop your talents, move, breathe, eat, smell, taste, just flippin’ everything! Without our bodies we have nothing. Just saying.

This is my body. Well done stretchy skin that no manufacturer has been able to replicate, and hair to keep me warm. Body that allows me to love people. It gives me stamina, energy, function, it deals with trauma in the coolest nonchalant sort of way, just quietly gathering itself up and bringing itself back together. Pain letting me know I’m hurt. Illness to strengthen my immune system.

A Sparkly brain and its synapses, the capacity for neural plasticity – meaning this journey has changed me. I have been allowed to change. The subconscious letting me know what I’m anxious about. My para-sympathetic nervous system going into healing overdrive when I’m resting. My anti-bodies, adrenalin, serotonin, fingernails. And the ability to replicate this all again! Wombs and bits to make actual humans, feed actual humans!

Thankfully I heard the words “all clear”.

So it was here that I finally stopped battling with my body. It totally flipped the way I view it. It’s a skill that I have learnt and I can teach others who want to learn too. So let’s go…

“An excellent idea.”

Caryn Franklin, The Clothes Show, Fashion Activist. Campaigner for Diversity in front and BEHIND lens.
Co-founder All Walks.

Caryn Franklin

“We are proud to be supporting BodEquality.
It is a pivotal time in the fashion and media industry and we need to move from discussion to action.” 

Beth Willis, Co-Director