BodEquality seeks to make bodies equal, in the way that we’ve seen equality measures in the arenas of race, sex, sexual orientation. This is because the current way that we live is creating a health problem. From the impact of the thin ideal on mental and emotional health, to the BE_infographics template3startling research linking it to obesity! Sadly fat shame and fat-phobic attitudes still prevail and are acceptable in today’s society. The worshipful nature of certain body types in the media alongside the virtual elimination of diverse bodies has created a problem on a grand scale. Approximately 50% of people in the UK report to “hate” their bodes. 90% of women and growing numbers of men are not happy with them, 81% of children aged 10 are afraid of being fat. With body image having a direct link to happiness, self-esteem and wellbeing, it’s time to take a good look at and address what Natasha Devon, MBE calls the UK’s “body image crisis”.

BodEquality offers policy advice, together with talks, education and learning resources to empower others to look at their bodies differently.

The work focusses on factors influencing the body disconnect. From social media to internet shopping, weight-loss challenges to legislation, cultural trends and personal shifts. With a particular interest in what brands might sell at a subconscious level and how that can be harnessed into healthier messaging and added value for the customer.

The work of BodEquality takes in research that covers both academic trials and outcomes but also, what is happening now in the marketplace. Which brands are already reaching into the sphere of a more balanced approach to how they depict bodies; and which aren’t. We are at a tipping-point of enormous potential where commercially we can break down boundaries and engage customers to make peace with their bodies – with untold wellbeing benefits. To make that a brand’s underlying message, the way concerns such as climate-change, clothing recycling and fair-trade have. 

BodEquality is calling time on the thin ideal. The future is diverse.

The mission of BodEquality is:

To collate historical and on-going research in the area of body image that questions the widespread impact this has on wellbeing and health.

BE_infographics template3To celebrate ALL shapes and sizes in the world around us.

To help redress the balance in people’s minds about what real health looks like: a blend of realistic physical health, mental and emotional health.

To support and advise brands through consultancy, in how they adjust for a body positive, inclusive future.

To contribute to changes that are occurring at a political level, for example through the recent public consultation on Gender Stereotypes led by the Advertising Standards Authority.

To  promote body acceptance, equality and respect throughout models across media platforms and visual merchandising.

To offer widespread education about body image, through school programmes, screenings and speaking engagements and resources.


“An excellent idea.”

Caryn Franklin, The Clothes Show, Fashion Activist. Campaigner for Diversity in front and BEHIND lens.
Co-founder All Walks.

Caryn Franklin

“We are proud to be supporting BodEquality.
It is a pivotal time in the fashion and media industry and we need to move from discussion to action.” 

Beth Willis, Co-Director