Social Change Does Happen

And time is up on body-shaming – sign the petition.

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BodEquality campaigns to redress the balance of body images that are exposed to us by the widespread media, in particular advertising.

BodEquality is looking for greater body diversity and equality in the media, across all platforms, branding, mannequins and visual merchandising.

What BodEquality is: acceptance, equality, inclusive, real, supportive, wellbeing-centric (mental and physical)

What BodEquality is not: thin-shaming, promoting ill-health, exclusive, elitist, judgemental

What BodEquality does aim to do is challenge ideas. Ideas that have maybe taken a lifetime to form. For example, “I have to be thin, to be pretty”, or “I have to be thin to be worthy”. This has grown out of a society where body-shaming and fatphobic attitudes are accepted to the point of being unnoticed. One such construct is the use of just thin models in adverts. But…

There is a widespread body positive culture calling for change. Many voices calling time on out-dated, entrenched discrimination.

Many brands and companies (not all, change is coming), cash in on this culture of self-doubt. They make their money from our insecurities. And it works! BodEquality is campaigning to shift the tide, away from an exclusive culture where most of us are not  good enough, to the kind of culture that is… well, kind.

You can join the campaign by adding your name to the petition here. Thank you for your support.



“Signed. An excellent idea.”

Caryn Franklin, The Clothes Show, Fashion Activist. Campaigner for Diversity in front and BEHIND lens.
Co-founder All Walks.

Caryn Franklin

“We are proud to be supporting BodEquality.
It is a pivotal time in the fashion and media industry and we need to move from discussion to action.” 

Beth Willis, Co-Director