BodEquality challenges the view that using only thin models in advertising and branding is a socially responsible stance.

Advertising codes are currently of the view that: “the use of thin models itself is not considered socially irresponsible”. Bodequality argues, that it is, if a brand uses only one type of body to sell its products, this sends a clear, warped, unrealistic view of the world.

BodEquality asks that we question where our values around bodies have come from, if those values stand up alongside standards of inclusivity, compassion and support. BodEquality looks to adjust internalising blame for not looking a certain way, questioning whether brands have their own agenda for depicting beauty within narrow parameters.

To adjust the gaze of what is healthy, real and beautiful to promote body acceptance, loyalty and appreciation, in turn supporting healthy and realistic goals.

The mission of BodEquality is:

To collate historical and on-going research in the area of body image that questions the widespread impact this has on wellbeing and health.

To celebrate ALL shapes and sizes in the world around us.

To help redress the balance in people’s minds about what real health looks like: a blend of realistic physical health, mental and emotional health.

To support and advise brands through consultancy, in how they adjust for a body positive, inclusive future.

To contribute to changes that are occurring at a political level, for example through the recent public consultation on Gender Stereotypes led by the Advertising Standards Authority.

To  promote body acceptance, equality and respect throughout models across media platforms and visual merchandising.

To offer widespread education about body image, through school programmes, screenings and speaking engagements.

BodEquality was created by Body Image Expert Emi Lou Howe, whose life’s path has well prepared her for the job. From being a teenager of the Xennial Generation (the last to grow up without technology – an analogue childhood / digital adulthood), feeling early pressure through images and magazines, gaining a degree in Sociology, working for the biggest-selling young women’s magazine, owning a business in body therapy, surviving cancer through body adaptations and herself appearing in a number of adverts…

Emi has been published on/in: The Mighty, more! magazine, Huffington Post, Sky, Company, Read-Learn-Write, Malmaison, Elegant Traveller and writes / collates blogs: howedoyoudo.comcalmcraft.com and mummyoneboob.com

Emi appeared in Land Rover’s #hybernot campaign,  the 2017 Breast Cancer Awareness campaign for M&S and on Loose Women and The Naked Podcast talking about body positivity.