Bridge Models

From BRIDGE Models:

“We are at a pivotal time in the fashion and media industry. The public, the reader, the viewer, the shopper, is asking for change.

We have public discussion about plus size models, we see racial inequality debated. We have seen disabled model’s front campaigns and brands have hit back against ageism by introducing older models. Bloggers eagerly show their ‘non-makeup’ selfies and celebrities publish their in-airbrushed shots to show they are ‘one of us’ and fighting against false and dangerous imagery.

However, we have a long way to go. We need to move from discussion to action.

A magazine will run an article about being anti-airbrushing and then every advert in it will be airbrushed beyond recognition. They will talk about the psychological damage that using very thin models can cause to young people and the serious rise in eating disorders, but then only use smaller size models for their fashion sections and promotional shoots.

The odd high-profile designer will throw a size 10 or 12 onto their catwalk to much excitement only to never repeat it again after the PR stunt is over and the useful publicity is gleamed.

Now I’m not going to pretend what we do isn’t about beauty. We run a modelling agency and whilst we work hard to promote models of varying sizes (and ethnicities and ages for that matter), we believe them to be attractive, striking, aspirational men and women. For me it’s about changing things from the inside. Models of any size can still be aspirational by being beautiful, by taking care of themselves, having great posture, presence, style and personality. We are proud to be part of the continued change to promote diversity and healthy, positive role models.

I look forward to a day when modelling is wholly inclusive but until then we will be here to champion those without a platform and to keep knocking down doors”

Beth Willis, Co-Director