Body Pride Workshops

Body shame is a reality for millions of people. In fact 1 in 9 women report feeling dissatisfied with their bodies, and the number is growing for men too. This is becoming a source of concern in schools and in the workplace and is an opportunity to increase student/workforce wellbeing by providing support in the form of: education and current research which undermines some of our longest held beliefs surrounding our bodies and skills in order to create a mind shift and a more positive relationship with our bodies. This issue can be debilitating and distracting and research has shown it to impact on: mental and physical health, education, relationships and our working lives.
Below you will find four workshops designed to develop positive relationships with our bodies, from an introduction to the fakery and impossible standards of the media, to practical ways of unpicking their impact. Ideal for occupational work groups or schools, especially during off-timetable activity/wellbeing sessions, personal development schemes or offered as part of a company health plan.

Discovering media myths and ‘magic’IMG_20180511_173535_581 workshop – 1 hr

An introduction to the themes and issues that impact body image, posed both directly and indirectly by the media. The main objective being for delegates/students to draw their own conclusions to some of the main concerns emerging such as ‘ourselves as consumers’ and to introduce the idea of using a ‘reality filter’ when interacting with the media.

Screening – The Illusionists – 1hrThe Illusionists Documentary 

Documentary exploring the multi-billion dollar industries that saturate our lives with images of unattainable beauty, exploring body hatred from New York to Beirut to Tokyo. The Illusionists turns the mirror on the media, exposing the absurd, sometimes humorous and shocking images that seek to enslave us. A must-see documentary about commercial culture and the globalisation of beauty. Recommended by teachers as ‘eye-opening’.

The Story of My Body – 1 hr
As a means to illuminate issues around body shame/guilt anduni2 body pride/respect, Emi Howe takes us back through a history of her body. Starting from the moment she realised as a teenager, that her body was ‘wrong’, through working for the UK’s biggest selling young women’s magazine, modelling and appearing in national advertising campaigns, developing cancer at thirty three and creating humans of her own! This she blends with the history of advertising and current thought-provoking research and statistics.

BE_infographics template3Reclaiming the ‘Perfect’ Body – 1hr
A session designed to create a shift in mindsets. A look at how our brains have been wired for the thin-ideal and through introducing concepts of neuroplasticity, how this can be reversed. It introduces a modern approach to health, taking the whole individual into account and questions some long-held assumptions such as ‘only thin is healthy’. The session also looks at how modern ideals are changing, where to find positive messages and how to create our own protective filters.

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